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More Resources on US Interests in Israel/Palestine

The Passionate Attachment
by George Ball — Buy it!

Fifty Years of Israel
by Donald Neff — Buy it!

Fallen Pillars
by Donald Neff — Buy it!

Perceptions of Palestine
by Kathleen Christison — Buy it!

Taking Sides
by Stephen Green — Buy it!

Living by the Sword
by Stephen Green — Buy it!

America and the Founding of Israel
by John Mulhall, CSP — Buy it!

They Dare to Speak Out
by Paul Findley — Buy it!

Deliberate Deceptions
by Paul Findley — Buy it!

Seeing the Light
by Richard Curtiss and Janet McMahon, — Buy it!

Body of Secrets
by James Bamford — Buy it!

The Lobby
by Edward Tivnan— Buy it!

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
This excellent magazing is on the web and available for subscription.


Video – Interview with Karen Kwiatkowski

Video – The Middle East in Election 2004: The Capitol Hill Hearings

Video: USS Liberty Memorial - June 8, 2009

Interview with Captain Boston, the 1967 Chief Attorney in the Liberty Investigation

Video Documentary: Dead in the Water

Featured Links in This Section

The Secret of Leopold Amery

Alison Weir discusses secret author of Balfour Declaration

Jimmy Carter:
Speaking frankly about Israel and Palestine

Yes, It’s the Lobby:
“Political Fear” Drives US Support for Israel

Reflecting on Our Relationship with Israel

The Elephant in the Room:
Israel’s Lobby in the US

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